John Pasmore, Script to Screen (2017)

This was my 5th year as instructor in the Script to Screen workshop at the T Tauri Movie Camp. My students this year were Hannah Harkey, Keylee Harris, Caleb Herndon, Addy Middleton, Suzanna Bates, and Charlie McClain. Each student took part in the production and had a speaking part in the movie. I had worked with all but 2 of my students in the past and many of them also knew each other, which facilitated the initial planning process.

Our story was about an arrogant young man that over time realizes that it is better to be nice than mean. Caleb Herndon played the young man. The story took place over several days. Scenes were shot on several locations on the campus of UACCB.

By the second day of the camp most of the footage was shot with the exception of a few shots that we made up on the third day. All students had an opportunity to run the camera, but Charlie McClain and Addy Middleton, were the main shooters. I spent a significant amount of time discussing the challenges of recording acceptable sound in the field and the importance of quality sound to the overall impact of their production. We did a series of exercises using a shotgun mic attached to a boom pole so the sound recordists could become familiar with the appropriate positioning of the mic in relation to the speaker and the actors could practice being aware of the location of the mic as they are speaking their lines.

After shooting a few shots on the third day, editing began. Keylee Harris, Addy Middleton, and Caleb Herndon played key roles in editing. These were the students that took the lead in last years’ production. Without exception, all students participated in the editing process, and all creative decisions were unanimous.

All of the titles were created by the students and they took turns creating them and dropping them on the timeline. This was only the second time since I’ve been teaching in the program that the students were so involved in the editing process. Every student played a part in putting the movie together, and we all got to see the finished product before it was shown on screen. Every student participated in every aspect of the filmmaking process, and I believe every student felt rewarded as a result.

Even though many of the students were from my youngest class ever from last year, they all showed a new level of maturity, and the movie camp went very smoothly. This was the most organized and efficient movie class I have ever been a part of.

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