Greg Gray, Script to Screen (2017)

Our first day started with me providing an introductory overview of the filmmaking process. I provided brief instruction on several aspects of filmmaking, including: story structure and what makes a good story; 3 point lighting; how sound is recorded and synced for movies; and basic editing philosophy and techniques. Afterwards, we broke into three teams, one led by myself, one led by instructor John Pasmore, and one group of older T Tauri alums who worked autonomously for the most part.


My team included Hannah Brown, Tyler Cooper, Zach McClain, Tabitha Pace, Jeff Smith, and Austin Wood. Once we had our team assembled, the first thing we did was to start coming up with a story we could shoot in the time we had, while making good use of the available locations. Coming up with the story turned out to be the most challenging part of the workshop. After much discussion - and several votes - the participants chose to do a story about a pair of burglars who set out to steal the “best hamburger in the world”. A super hero with an unusual problem is all that stands in their way.


I explained the importance of a storyboard—a production plan that includes all the necessary shots, the order in which the shots will appear in the video, and how the visuals will interact with the script--to the planning and execution of a video. Each student was given a blank storyboard form and a simple storyline to practice organizing a story in a logical sequence and drawing individual shots, along with accompanying lines from the script. One student noted the similarity of a storyboard to a comic book and that reference was useful to the others in understanding how the tool works. We talked about the various explanatory notes that can be useful in laying out the storyboard, including background descriptions, props, costumes, and textual overlays.


For the next couple of days we shot the project. The workshop participants carried out the shoot with energy and we were able to get almost all the shots we wanted in the time allotted and we then moved into the edit phase. The kids volunteered their suggestions for the final cut. While some of the group edited, others shot the final scenes we needed to complete the short movie. We were able to show a rough cut of the project at the T Tauri showcase at UACCB.

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