Jules Taylor, Script to Screen (2016)

This was my fifth year at the T Tauri Movie Camp, and this year I got to participate in a unique way. I was there as “Acting Coach” for two different Script to Screen workshop teams. It was great to get an opportunity to work with all the students, and because of this, I got to work with over 20 young people in this session.

The first class I worked with was taught by John Pasmore. John and I met before class, and he told me they were doing a Ghost Hunters type movie and would be improvising a lot of their dialogue. I immediately knew which important exercises I wanted to begin with. But first we did some basic focus skills and simple breathing. Next was a crash course in on-camera acting: discussing “Frame,” “Mark,” “Slate.” Then, we began to work on team building which is so important when improvising, because listening to and trusting your scene partner is crucial to building the story. This led us into the exercise “Yes, and,” in which you agree (“Yes”) to the sentence before, then add information (‘and”). Everyone plays and builds a story one sentence at a time while listening and contributing to the whole. They loved doing this and worked so beautifully together, building story upon story.

I had a great time getting to work with this group. The only returning student I knew was Hannah Harkey (and her spirit seems to have grown even brighter since last year). I got to know a whole new batch of young people, which is one of my favorite things. And, BTW, their final film was fantastic!

I also, got to work with Greg Gray’s Script to Screen team. This was an older aged group. The only returning student I knew was Alyssa Bates. I have worked with Alyssa for three or four years and it has been wonderful watching her grow into such a film person. I was really proud of her leadership and knowledge. In this class we did a quick refresher about on-camera terms and guidelines. Since I had less time with this group and didn’t know them as well as the other team, I spent some time asking questions about why they wanted to come to T Tauri and what their interests were. It is always enlightening to speak with teens about their ideas and goals. And, BTW, their final film was also fabulous!

The final screenings at UABCC were really exciting. The theatre was almost full and there was plenty of cheering and laughter. The T Tauri students who presented were very prepared and poised (and, often times, hilarious). It's always impressive to see what is created in those three intense and wonderful days in a T Tauri Movie Camp workshop!

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