Wes Obrigewitsch, Brickfilms (2016)

Day 1: We had a few return students but a lot of new faces this year. We started out with a lecture on the history of brick animation, some basic animation, and story writing techniques. We divided into two groups, Greg Gray taking one and I the other. We did a few experimental projects which helped the kids practice animating Lego and seeing how it looks on film. We then worked on creating a film. I left the story idea totally up to the kids this year. I found that using Lego and having Lego characters ready to be used opened up the story creativity. Though Star Wars was in the running we went with a Pokemon GO story using a news broadcast theme.

My team included Kaden Cox, Tristan Dodd, Hauke Ludwick, Alex Mayfield, Kevin McCann, Eleanor McClain, Merra McGowan, Cole Weaver, and Andrew Wixson. We created a storyboard--a hand-drawn illustration of the story scenes--so we could figure out what we needed for filming on Day 2.

Day 2: We started by going over the storyboard and making a list of all the tasks we needed to complete the project. We built our sets and characters and took turns animating and filming. I also noticed with both groups that the stories were a lot longer. I think the reason for this is that the Lego medium made it easier to create characters and sets allowing more time to develop the story.

As we checked off each job we started to feel the crunch of the day ending. Though we did end up with a great film, I had to film a few parts myself and recycle a few scenes to complete the film when time ran out. I also noticed Greg had to film a few scenes after the day was done. It’s a whirlwind to make any film but to do it in two days is a huge task and it always amazes me that we get it done.

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