Greg Gray, Depicting Zombies (2016)

Year two of the the two-day “Depicting Zombies” workshop was a great follow up to the inaugural effort last year. Our first day started with me providing an introductory overview of the history of zombies in cinema - from the first zombie movie (1932’s “White Zombie” starring Bela Lugosi) to the AMC TV series “Walking Dead.” New for this year, we also looked at examples of zombies in other genres, such as comedy and romance. We also covered basic zombie make-up techniques that the participants quickly picked up and expanded upon.

My team included Hannah Harkey, Evelyn Batategas, Allison Mengoa, Nayley Gutierrez, Angela Vasquiz, Cole Weaver, Andrew Wixson, Eric Harris, Stephen Cope, Merra McGowan, Tristan Dodd, Brad Mayfield, Alex Mayfield, and Rowan Gates.

The participants and I came up with a sort of opposite sketch. In the video, a teacher - played by Tristan Dodd - is teaching ZOMBIES how to survive in a world full of angry HUMANS. The teacher goes over a list of dos and don’ts to help the zombies. After spending the first day and a half coming up with and fine tuning the story, we practiced our zombie make up.

The second day we shot the project. The workshop participants carried out the shoot with energy and we were able to get all the shots we wanted in the time allotted and we then moved into the edit phase. The kids helped to edit the piece and even shot some additional footage to create a nice little closing credit sequence. We were able to show a rough cut of the project at the T Tauri showcase at UACCB.

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