Greg Gray, Brickfilms (2016)

Our first day started with an introductory presentation by Wes Obrigewitsch. He presented a brief history of animation and the tools and techniques we would be using during the workshop. Afterwards, we broke into two groups. My team included Brad Mayfield, Jadon Parks, Jake McClain, Joddie Shutt, Katarina Ludwich, Wolfgang Ludwig, Thomas Sonnier, Presley Payne, Eric Harris, and Clayton Bernard. The first thing we did was create a test animation using found objects gathered from the UACCB campus. We shot a test animation to get a feel for how movements between each photo would translate when the still photos were combined to create a video.

This year the theme of the workshop was nursery rhymes. Participants could choose one of five nursery rhymes to animate. After much discussion - and a vote - the participants chose to animate “Humpty Dumpty.”

We assigned different parts of the process to each participant. Summer drew the characters we would animate; Clayton and Maison were our colorists and also created the background for the animation; Alex picked out the music for the sound track; and Betsy was the primary photographer who shot the frames for the animation. By the end of the day, we had a pretty good start on the final project.

The next morning the entire class reviewed the edited exercise from the day before. This helped everyone get a feel for how our nursery rhyme project would look. Then we continued work on animating the nursery rhyme. While one student operated the camera, the other would move the parts of the characters and/or the background to simulate movement.

When Betsy started to get worn out on photo duty, we would have another participant take over to give her a break. When a team wasn't animating, they worked on their personalized title page for the end credit sequence. The group volunteered me to provide the voice-over for the animation, which I did. After finishing the animation, the group reviewed the project in camera. Then we cleaned up our work area and got ready to wrap up the workshop. I edited the piece after class and we were able to show it at the T Tauri showcase at UACCB.

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